Welcome to my website! I hope you've been staying healthy and being kind to yourself.

My name is Sarah Kowalski. I currently live in New York City where I came to study musical theatre at CAP21's professional conservatory program. Prior to New York, I lived in Louisville, KY, where I attended the Youth Performing Arts School, also studying musical theatre. I have had extensive training in the disciplines of acting, voice, and dance for several years. Although the majority of my training is in theatre,  I also operate in the realms of on-camera work, voiceover work, and scriptwriting. 

Artistic integrity will always be my top priority. I never want to sacrifice authenticity for money, as is often done in the face of commercialism. I always want to work in a space of purpose. I want to empower people who aren't conventionally attractive, who experience mental illness, who have diverse bodies, extreme trauma, a skin color other than white, gender & sexual diversity, physical disability, hearing complications, those who make up the majority of our country, but are denied the support of influential media over and over again. I desire to provide voice to these groups of people. I hope you do too. 

Sending love always,


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