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Welcome to my website! I hope you've been staying healthy and being kind to yourself.

My name is Sarah Kowalski. I'm currently based in New York City, where I originally came to study musical theatre at CAP21's professional conservatory program. Prior to New York, I lived in Louisville, KY, where I attended the Youth Performing Arts School, also studying musical theatre. I have had extensive training in the disciplines of acting, voice, and dance for almost a decade now and pride myself on being a versatile and well-seasoned performer. Although the majority of my training is in theatre, I also operate in the realms of print modeling, on-camera work, voiceover work, and scriptwriting. 

My goal as an artist and creator is to always work from a place of intention and radical authenticity.  These are, in my eyes, vital artistic values, and ones that are often lost in the face of commercialism. It's my hope to work in spaces that uphold these values and seek to change the tide of influential media. The USA is full of people who aren't "conventionally attractive," who have bodies of all shapes, sizes, colors, sexualities, and genders, who experience mental illness and/or are recovering from trauma, and who have unique motor skills. These are the people who make up the majority of the population that consumes media, yet only make up a small fraction of what's actually represented in the media.


I desire to create art that reflects its consumer as a whole. My goal as an artist and creator is to inspire, empower, and comfort those who have grown accustomed to being left out of the conversation. I hope that your own artistic vision finds alignment with mine and that we'll be able to make some magic together soon!

Sending love always,


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